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CapTrac Real Estate Calculator & Marketing Tool
Functionality Overview

  • is designed for simple & efficient use on smartphones or tablet devices, but can also be easily used on laptop or desktop computers
  • The application guides you to enter the data necessary to create a “Property Record” for Purchase to Rent, Flip, or Occupy transactions you or a client are considering
  • Once completed, a record will display a Results screen where you can evaluate several key metrics for each type of Real Estate Transaction.
  • The application assigns a “Nickname” (day & date based) to each record you create which can be changed by simply entering the name or description you want in the Nickname field
  • Property Records can be saved or discarded once completed and viewed

CapTrac can be used

In Three Ways

  • No CapTrac account is necessary to create and
    save records and analyze 5 properties a day
  • Signing up for a free account will allow you to create
    and save up to 10 Property Records
  • Purchasing a subscription will remove
    all limits and allow any number of saved Property

Addresses you enter can be

validated against a nationwide database.

  • Click on the Validate Address option at the bottom of
    all Results screens
  • The system will prompt you to convert an address to
    match the database when a match is found that
    differs slightly from the format you entered
  • Doing so is not required but can allow CapTrac to
    provide additional information about a property

Entering Information


  • All records are created by completing the information on two screens which will then make a “Results” screen available to view
  • On each data entry screen you will find field entries are sometimes required while others can be left blank.
    The application will prompt you for an entry if a required field has been left blank.
  • The first screen, Property Information, is common to all three transaction types (Rent, Flip, Occupy)
  • The second screen will prompt you to enter varying data based on the transaction type you have selected
    for a record
  • Once the first two screens are completed, select the “See Results” button to view the results of your transaction
  • You may analyze a different transaction type for a property by selecting its name at the top of a results page or from the Property List screen. Either method will open the property’s Property Information page where you may select the new transaction type at the bottom of the screen, then continue by providing the information requested on the following screen.



  • allows you to create “Scenarios” to review the effect of different values sets for the same property. Up to three Scenarios can be created for each record.
  • Scenarios can be created by selecting the add button near the Scenario dropdown near the top of any Results page. Once a second Scenario exists for a Property Record, a dropdown will be available near the top of each information/data entry screens where you can select the Scenario you wish to view/edit.
  • Creating multiple Scenarios for a property will enable the comparison view of a property which can be accessed by clicking on the two overlapping squares just below the Property Record name on the Results screen (these will not appear until there are at least 2 Scenarios created for a property).
  • In comparison view, you will be able to perform a side by side review of the varying values that have been entered or calculated for each of the line items that make up a Property Record.
  • Comparison view is a valuable tool when making important decisions about the amount of money that can profitably be spent to purchase or improve a property. It will also allow you to compare the effect of different average rental fees or selling prices on for current or planned property purchases.

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